CGED-Q Jinshenlu 1900-1912 Public Release Tabulation and Visualization Platform

Charlie Liu, an undergraduate in the Quantitative Social Analysis program at HKUST, created a platform for producing tabulations and visualizations with the CGED-Q Jinshenlu 1900-1912 Public Release. At the platform, users can explore the contents of the publicly released CGED-Q  for the period 1900-1912 without having to download data and open it in a statistical package in R or Stata. Among the available variables are province and county of origin, location of current post, Banner status, and exam or purchase degree (出身). Here is the CGED-Q tabulation and visualization platform.

Our CGED-Q project page has more information about the CGED-Q itself, including links to sites where advanced users can download the data to be analyzed in a statistical package like R or Stata. These sites also include documentation.

As a reminder, if you’re looking for a specific official, the entire CGED-Q is searchable via this platform, originally created by Fi Siwei and housed on a server by the HKUST VisGroup.