WANG, Yuqian 王雨前

Wang, Yuqian 王雨前 is a 2017 incoming student of the East Asian Studies Department PhD program of Princeton University, and a graduating Mphil student at the Social Science Division of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She gained her bachelor’s degree in Global China Studies with Academic Achievement Medal and first honor from the School of Humanities and Social Science of HKUST in 2015. Her research interests include social and cultural history of modern and contemporary China, gender studies, history of emotions, and modern thought. Her works collaborating with other members of the Lee-Campbell research group focus on women’s higher education, especially university coeducation, and social and geographical background of university students in late Qing and Republican China. She also practices creative Chinese writing and her work will soon appear on a book to be published in 2017 by Beijing October Press of Arts and Literature. For her recent publications, working papers and academic conferences, please see the following list.


Liang, Chen 梁晨, Ren, Yunzhu 任韵竹, Wang, Yuqian 王雨前 & Lee, James Z. 李中清. (Forthcoming). “开放”大都市中的“封闭”教育精英:民国上海大学生来源量化研究,1913-1949 [“Closed” elite formation in an “open” cosmopolitan city: social and spatial origins of university students in Republican Shanghai, 1913-1949]. 历史研究 [ Historical Research].

Wang, Yuqian 王雨前. (Forthcoming). 秋日 [One day in Autumn]. In 阎连科 (Lianke Yan) (ed.), 短篇小说选集 [Anthology of short stories] (to be determined). Beijing: 十月文艺出版社 October Arts & Literature Publishing House.


Wang, Yuqian & Ren, Yunzhu. Origins of university coeducation in China: beyond the May Fourth Movement. Project to be submitted in 2017.

Liang, Chen & Wang, Yuqian. University student origins in Republican Shanghai: national ambitions and regional realities. Project to be submitted in 2017.


“University Student Origins in Shanghai: National Ambitions and Regional Realities.” (Co-authored with Chen Liang, Yunzhu Ren & James Z. Lee.) International Sociological Association RC 28 Meeting 2016, National University of Singapore, Singapore, May 26-28, 2016.

“Origins of university coeducation in China: beyond the May Fourth movement,” Section on Comparative – Historical Sociology Refereed Roundtable Session and Business Meeting, American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, August 22, 2016.

“Origins of university coeducation in China: beyond the May Fourth movement,” (co-authored with Yunzhu Ren) Senior Seminar on Gender and the Changing Face of Higher Education in Asia Pacific, Asian Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership, the Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, October 28, 2016.

“Women’s entry into higher education: China and U.S. in comparison,” Panel on the Demographics of Degrees, Social Science History Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, November 19, 2016.

“University student origins in Shanghai: national ambitions and regional realities,” (co-authored with Chen Liang & Yunzhu Ren) Panel on Revisiting the Ladders of Success: New Approaches to Social Mobility in Qing and Republican China, Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 16-19, 2017.