Bamboo Ren 任韵竹

I am Bamboo, a Ph.D. candidate in social science from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. A 2013 Bachelor in economics from Lingnan University, Hong Kong, I worked as a research assistant at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013-4 and as an instructional assistant at HKUST, provided teaching support and assisted in other e-learning and MOOC projects in 2015-6. I received a MA in Humanities and an M.phil in social science from HKUST in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

My previous research at HKUST focuses on the history of higher education in modern China using a data analytical approach, informed by the sociology of education and comparative education. My Mphil research project is Social Origins of University Students in China, including Hong Kong, 1900-2010, with a special focus on the Republican Period (1911-1949), described in our Projects Pages.

My current research focuses on the development of higher education and professional employment in Republican China. My PhD dissertation research project is Professional Education and Employment in Republican China: Accountants, Engineers, and Health Professionals, using China Professional Occupation Datasets.

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