Zuo You 左右

I am David You Zuo (左右), an incoming 2021 PhD candidate in history from Nanjing University under Professor Chen LIANG. I have a 2018 Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago and 2019 MSC in Global China Studies from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I have worked 2019-2021 as Professor James Lee’s research assistant.

My current research focuses on the comparison of top tier academicians and experts in sciences and technology, and undergraduates in both Republican China and the People’s Republic of China. My PhD dissertation research with Professor Liang should continue this comparison using on one hand, an expanded version of the Chinese Academicians and Experts Database which will include such national Chinese academic honorees as Changjiang, Young Changjiang, Young Dingjian / Bajian Talents, if such data is available, and on the other hand, an expanded version of the Chinese University Students Databases which includes more comprehensive student data from the 34-university CUSD-ROC datasets and the 2-university CUSD-PRC datasets created by Professor Chen LIANG, Bamboo Y Ren, Professor Lee and others, as well as student data from additional universities.