CGED-Q Jinshenlu 1850-1864 Public Release now available

We just made available for download the China Government Employee Database-Qing (CGED-Q) Jinshenlu 1850-1864 Public Release.This release consists of 341,092 quarterly records of 37,632 (by our linkage) officials who served between 1850 to 1864. The information is drawn from 26 quarterly editions.

We chose 1850-1864 as the next period for a release since it includes the Taiping Rebellion, a major event in 19th century Qing history.

Each record includes information about the post, and if it was occupied, the holder, including their name, province and county of origin, qualification, and other information.

Together with our previous release of 686,945 records for the period 1900-1912, we have now released publicly more than 1,000,000 records from the CGED-Q.

The 1850-1864 and 1900-1912 releases may be downloaded at the HKUST Dataspace, the Harvard Dataverse, and the mirror site at Renmin University Institute for Qing History:

HKUST Dataspace

Harvard Dataverse

Renmin University Institute for Qing History