Working Papers


In order to encourage the timely sharing of new research findings, and to allow pre-publication peer review, the School has launched a new Working Paper Series covering the entire breadth of humanities and social science.

Practical information

Papers will be subject only to limited review/checking before publication. There is no word limit or set format, but all bibliographical information should be presented in a recognised format (e.g. Chicago, APA). Submissions will only be accepted in MS Word using the template available here. All members of SHSS faculty are encouraged to submit their papers to Mandy SIN [] for publication.

Working papers to download

2019-07 Infant Mortality Among German Settlers in the Nineteenth-Century Russian Empire. Stuart Gietel-Basten, Georgia Verropoulou and Rachel Ganly
2019-07 王蒙的《太白山圖》:元末明初的佛教名山圖. 傅立萃
2019-07 吕純陽丹道思想分析葉錦明
2019-08 Permanent Waves and Weird Clothes are not Allowed: Unofficial Pictures of Women in Canton During the Early Phase of the Sino‐Japanese War, 1937‐1938. Virgil K.Y. Ho
2019-08 Wide of the Mark: A Brief Study of Fund-raising Campaigns in Canton in the Early Phase of Sino-Japanese War, 1937-8. Virgil K. Y. Ho
2019-08 A Preliminary Study of Rhetoric and Reality of Aerial Bombings of Canton, China, 1937-8. Virgil K. Y. Ho