NFTs and the Future of Digital Art: A Roundtable Discussion
3:00pm - 5:30pm

About the Event

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have surged in popularity within the creative industries in recent years. Beyond million-dollar images, blockchain technology has expanded into many areas. In this roundtable discussion, moderated by Dr. Qiuzi Guo, we will explore artistic, cultural, and technological perspectives of NFTs. The discussion will feature diverse participants from NFT industry sharing their new ideas.


Session 1: NFT, Art, and Games: An Overview of Web3 and EchoVerse

Speaker: Cindy XL (twitter)

Speaker Intro:

Cindy is a tech influencer with 150k followers on Weibo and Twitter, and the co-founder of EchoVerse Game, a web3 gaming studio building social simulation games on blockchain. She was a FANNG engineer, a Columbia alum, and an indie game developer since age 10. Her content on social media has received tens of millions of views and inspired many females to enter the tech industry.


Session 2: New Form of Display: How to Display NFTs

Speaker: Chad (twitter)

Speaker Intro:

Chad is an Electrical Engineer who works at MetaSill, an NFT display company. He has worked as an Electronics Engineer for the Airforce’s Software Engineering Group. Hegraduated in 2020 University of South Florida with a Masters of Electrical engineering with a specialization in Controls. His interests include vehicles, aquariums, and anything with electronics.His interest in cryptocurrency began in 2013 with the ability to transact value across borders without any oversight or control from a third party.

About Chad’s company Metasill: Metasill is merging the digital and physical world through Web3. Metasill manufactures high end products from NFT displays to vending machines and the software to support them.


Session 3: Case Study: EasyClub NFTs

Speaker: Dogu Deniz Ugur (twitter)

Speaker Intro:

His interest in science and technology has been there since early childhood and it evolved into coding at the age of 14. After developing simple mobile applications and mobile games through high school, he took a gap year and worked at one of the most successful startups of Turkey, He started HKUST in 2019 and shortly after the pandemic hit. He spent most of the pandemic taking freelance jobs and joining hackathons. At the start of 2022, He took an interest in blockchain development and started developing smart contracts. Since then, He has been developing DeFi products to make the crypto space easy-to-use and appeal to masses under the brand of EasyBlock.

Case Intro:

EasyClub is the genesis NFT collection of EasyBlock which develops easy-to-use DeFi protocols to make the crypto space more accessible to masses. It is one of the first, if not the first, fully on-chain NFT collection on the emerging Fantom network. EasyClub got featured many times on Fantom’s leading NFT marketplace PaintSwap.


Session 4: Discussion: NFTs, the Future of Digital Art?

Moderator: Dr. Qiuzi Guo (Lecturer, Division of Humanities, HKUST)

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