Research Grants

Faculty members of the School have launched many new research initiatives with support from the Research Grants Council and elsewhere including projects focusing on Hong Kong, projects comparing Hong Kong with elsewhere, and projects dealing with more universal issues.

Research Grants Council (RGC) – General Research Fund

Project Title Principal Investigator Amount Exercise Year
Gender and Authorship: Women Animation Directors in Socialist China DU, Daisy Yan (HUMA) HK$428,000 


Engineering Equity: An Embodied Approach to Implicit Bias and AI-Assisted Intervention HUANG, Ta-Lun Linus  (HUMA) HK$202,000  2023-2024
Seaborne Visions: Early Nineteenth-Century Missionary Publications in Chinese JIN, Huan (HUMA) HK$320,000  2023-2024
The Enchantment of the Otherworldly in the Early Twenty-First Century Liu, Jianmei (HUMA) HK$427,200  2023-2024
Neither Green nor Black: The History of the Tea Industry in Taiwan ZHANG, Lawrence L C (HUMA) HK$360,000  2023-2024
Will More Surveillance Cameras Lead to Fewer Protests? A Global Level Analysis ZHANG, Han (SOSC) HK$530,400  2023-2024
Between Worlds: China’s WWII Interpreters and Their Divergent Fates in China, Taiwan, and the United States CHANG, Cheng David (HUMA) HK$590,000 2022-2023
The Führer’s Successor: Constitutional Theory and Conciliarism in Nazi Germany DERMAN, Joshua (HUMA) HK$430,000 2022-2023
Limits of the Chinese empire in the Southwest: Silver mining and ethnic construction in the frontier between Yunnan and Burma from the 1640s to the 1830s from a historical anthropology perspective MA, Jianxiong (HUMA) HK$790,577 2022-2023
Migration of Graduates in China: 1985-2020 Ma, John Z (SOSC) HK$665,302 2022-2023
Navigating Belonging: Exploring settlement for South Asians in Hong Kong through narratives and participatory photography SIMPSON, James Edward Barbour (HUMA) HK$709,260 2022-2023
An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Dynamic Norm Messages in Promoting Public Support for Climate Policies TAM, Kim-Pong (SOSC) HK$532,000 2022-2023
The Impacts of Ultra-High Voltage Electricity Transmission on China’s Environment, Health, and Energy Market HE, Guojun(SOSC) HK$627,653 2021-2022
Disasters and Official Careers in the Qing Civil Service, 1830-1912 CAMPBELL, Cameron Dougall(SOSC) HK$389,962 2021-2022
Dams and Conflicts HAN, Li(SOSC) HK$384,993 2021-2022
The naturally talented or the hard worker? Examining the emergence and development of the naturalness bias over time CHEN, Eva(SOSC) HK$325,701 2021-2022
Youths, Identity Consciousness and Generational Change KU, Agnes(SOSC) HK$969,965 2021-2022
Negotiating Representational Strategies: Pictures of Mount Taibo from the 14th to the 18th Centuries FU, Li-tsui Flora(SOSC) HK$192,709 2021-2022
Detecting Social and Political Desirability in Hong Kong Public Opinion Surveys TANG, Wenfang(SOSC) HK$1,191,620 2020-2021
Sensuous Touch, Kiss, and Intimacy in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture WU, Shengqing(HUMA) HK$459,680 2020-2021
The Korean War Prisoners Who Chose Neutral Nations: Their Odysseys from China and Korea to India and then Latin America CHANG, Cheng David(HUMA) HK$429,840 2020-2021
Social Organizations and Peasant Militancy: The Case of the Chinese Famine CAI, Yongshun(SOSC) HK$260,000 2020-2021
Place-based Policies, Growth and the Environment: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing WANG, Jin (SOSC) HK$160,806 2019-2020
An Investigation of the Effectiveness of a Cultural Sustainability Frame in Climate Change Communication TAM, Kim-Pong (SOSC) HK$600,092 2019-2020
Collective Action Among Greater Pearl River Delta Cities to Reduce Regional Air Pollution PATCHELL, Gerald R (SOSC) HK$504,008 2019-2020
Impact of the US-China Trade War on Chinese Firms and Workers PARK, Albert Francis (SOSC) HK$578,923 2019-2020
Pills and Power: How Political Connections Affect Drug Coverage in Basic Medical Insurance in China HAN, Li (SOSC) HK$363,800 2019-2020
The impact of ethnicity and social status on the socializing preferences of children in Hong Kong CHEN, Eva (SOSC) HK$503,084 2019-2020
Eyes in the Sky: The Political Economy of Surveillance in China TSAI, Kellee (SOSC) HK$443,200 2019-2020
Socioeconomic Segregation, School Choice, and Geography of Educational Inequality in Hong Kong XU, Duoduo (SOSC) HK$599,440 2018-2019
Resource-Driven Development and Social Welfare under Dictatorship HONG, Ji Yeon (SOSC) HK$317,500 2018-2019
A Visual Poetry: The Aesthetics of Chinese Cine-Poems LIU, Jianmei (HUMA) HK$245,629 2018-2019
Contractual Dispute Settlement under Corrupt Court LIN, Yi-min (SOSC) HK$576,383 2018-2019
Family Background Influences on the Appointment and Career Mobility of Qing Officials With Examination Degrees CAMPBELL, Cameron Dougall (SOSC) HK$1,105,600 2018-2019
Do happiness and sadness co-occur in everyday life? An experience-sampling and cross-cultural study YIK, Michelle (SOSC) HK$658,732 2018-2019
Money and Politics in Late Imperial China: Office purchase and career entry, promotion, and exit in the Qing civil service ZHANG, Lawrence L. C. (HUMA) HK$363,400 2018-2019
Innovation and Access to Technology for Sustainable Development: The Role of Public Policy Actors MATUS, Kira (SOSC) HK$687,484 2018-2019
Refugee Camps: A Global History SMITH, Jenny Leigh (HUMA) HK$382,500 2018-2019
The Social and Spatial Origins of China’s Educated Elite: 1865-2014 LEE, James Z. (HUMA) HK$735,997 2017-2018
Between The Old and the New: Marriage in Rural China During the Middle of the 20th Century CAMPBELL, Cameron Dougall (SOSC) HK$1,143,500 2017-2018
Plasmatic Empire: Animated Filmmaking in the Manchukuo Film Association (1937-1945) DU, Daisy Yan (HUMA) HK$743,320 2017-2018
Has Technology Transfer remained a driver of China’s reverse migration? ZWEIG, David (SOSC) HK$496,000 2017-2018
Swimming Against the Tide: Public-Private Partnership in Water Sector in China WU, Xun (SOSC) HK$775,600 2017-2018
Multilateral Lending and Corruption in Developing Countries: The Case of the IMF CHO, Hye Jee (SOSC) HK$262,000 2017-2018
The Political Economy of Urbanization in the Context of China’s New Normal TSAI, Kellee (SOSC) HK$278,200 2017-2018
The Economic Impacts of Water Quality Monitoring in China HE, Guojun (SOSC) HK$364,876 2017-2018
The Demand for Tasks and Skills in China and the World PARK, Albert Francis (SOSC) HK$617,253 2017-2018
Explaining the Public Support for Democracy in Hong Kong: Revaluation after the Umbrella Movement SING, Ming (SOSC) HK$554,000 2016-2017
Social Media Campaigns in China: An Emergent Channel for Setting Policy Agendas? TSAI, Kellee (SOSC) HK$644,698 2016-2017
”Ethnic” Enclaves, Migrant Settlement, and Socio-spatial Differentiation in Metropolitan Shenzhen, 2000-2010 WU, Xiaogang (SOSC) HK$436,476 2016-2017
Anti-Mainland Protests in Hong Kong: A Social Movement Analysis SO, Alvin Y C (SOSC) HK$466,000 2016-2017
Friend or foe? Person perception in preschool children across cultures CHEN, Eva E (SOSC) HK$486,260 2016-2017
The Political Theology of the Chinese in Early Modern European Philosophy NELSON, Eric S (HUMA) HK$342,250 2016-2017
State and Conflict Resolution in China: The Case of Medical Disputes CAI, Yongshun (SOSC) HK$497,465 2016-2017
Tai Polities in Yunnan and West Mainland Southeast Asia, circa. 1253 to 1450 AD DANIELS, Christian A. (HUMA) HK$680,270 2016-2017
Entrepreneurship, Law, and Morality: The House of Macmillan, 1870-1936 and Its Textbook Business in Global and Comparative Perspective SO, Billy K L (HUMA) HK$343,000 2016-2017
On the relationship between valence and arousal in subjective experience: Modeling cultural and personality variations YIK, Michelle (SOSC) HK$773,680 2016-2017
Animal Agency and Social Networks from a Historical Anthropology Perspective: Mules and Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and Long Distance Caravan Trade between Yunnan, Burma and Margins of the Tibetan Plateau MA, Jianxiong(HUMA) HK$759,000 2016-2017
Contemporary Death Ritual and the Political Economy of Dead Bodies in Rural China LIU, Huwy-min(HUMA) HK$857,400 2016-2017
Reconstructing the history of Chinese dialectal grammar: A study of word order YIU, Carine Y M (HUMA) HK$922,000 2015-2016
Women and Daoism in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature LIU, Jianmei (HUMA) HK$370,000 2015-2016
The Dynamics of Ethnic Stratification amid China’s Economic Transition WU, Xiaogang (SOSC) HK$683,148 2015-2016
Photo Poetics: Visual Truths, Illusions and the Circulation of Emotion in Modern China WU, Shengqing (HUMA) HK$647,000 2015-2016
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same? Cross-National and Temporal Variations in Occupational Hierarchies WONG, Raymond S K (SOSC) HK$574,000 2015-2016
Coming Home: Reverse Migration of Entrepreneurs and Academics in India and Turkey in Light of the Chinese Experience ZWEIG, David (SOSC) HK$974,387 2015-2016
Fanshen Revisited: New Perspectives on Land Reform and Rural Collectivization in North China, 1945-1965 LEE, James Z. (SOSC) HK$410,000 2015-2016
Human Agency and Population Behavior in Historical and Comparative Perspective: New Discoveries from East Asian Panel Data LEE, James Z. (SOSC) HK$637,992 2014-2015
In Search of Literary Aura: Documentary Films about Writers in Taiwan CHEN, Li Fen (HUMA) HK$201,760 2014-2015
The Third Reich and International Thought DERMAN, Joshua (HUMA) HK$443,500 2014-2015
The Roles of the Soviet Union and the United States in Animated Filmmaking in Socialist China, 1940s-1970s DU, Daisy Yan (HUMA) HK$438,996 2014-2015
How did the local government work in pre-industrial times: collection and analysis of the financial data for Chinese local administrations, 1150-1550 LIU, Guanglin (HUMA) HK$170,500 2014-2015
A Historical Inquiry of the Belief in Retribution for Good and Evil Deeds in Early and Early Medieval China in a Comparative Perspective LU, Zongli (HUMA) HK$110,000 2014-2015
Rights Without Heaven? Ten/Tian (天) and Social Darwinism in the Constitutional Law Theories of Katō Hiroyuki(加藤弘之) and John Wu(吳經熊) SO, Billy K L (HUMA) HK$378,200 2014-2015
Tonal systems in the Miao language in China: Is it really possible for a tonal system to have six level tones? ZHU, Xiaonong (HUMA) HK$466,344 2014-2015
Spatial, Temporal, and Social Network Influences on Officials’ Careers during the Qing: Creation and Analysis of a National Database from the Jin Shen Lu CAMPBELL, Cameron Dougall (HUMA) HK$846,988 2014-2015
The impact of social group membership on Hong Kong Chinese children’s learning and socializing preferences CHEN, Eva E (SOSC) HK$524,423 2014-2015
Return Migration and Urbanization in China MA, John Z (SOSC) HK$1,293,000 2014-2015
Local Development and Ethnic Capital in China and India TSAI, Kellee (SOSC) HK$850,000 2014-2015
Longitudinal Study of School-to-Work Transitions in Rural China PARK, Albert Francis (SOSC) HK$1,000,000 2014-2016
Industrial Structures and the Promotion of Collaboration among Regional Clusters: An Analysis of Hong Kong and Tokyo SHARIF, Nau Bahar (SOSC) HK$388,517 2014-2016
Colonial Censorship and the Cultural Politics of Hong Kong Cinema in the Cold War NG, Kenny K K (HUMA) HK$497,500 2013
“Surviving Wars, Prisons, Persecution, and Displacement: Prisoners of the Korean War in Postwar Mainland China and Taiwan” CHANG, Cheng David (HUMA) HK$659,999 2013
Buddhist Landscapes and the Literati: Paintings of Buddhist Sacred Sites during the Late Yuan and Early Ming FU, Flora Li-tsui (HUMA) HK$274,318 2013
“The Process of Economic Development in West Sichuan, China” HOLZ, Carsten A (SOSC) HK$780,000 2013
Social Origins of University Students in Republican China LEE, James Z (HUMA) HK$738,000 2013
Going Local While Going Global?: Chinese Enterprise Localization in Africa and in Comparative Perspective SAUTMAN, Barry V (SOSC) HK$731,868 2013
Entering-tone (ir)regularities in Beijing Mandarin and surrounding dialects: Comprehensive fieldwork data for systematic hypothesis-testing SUN, Jingtao (HUMA) HK$519,000 2013
Understanding how values are transmitted in families facing cross-cultural transition TAM, Kim-Pong (SOSC) HK$574,000 2013
The Postverbal Constraint across Chinese Dialects ZHANG, Min (HUMA) HK$704,000 2013
Identity Formation and Social Interdependency Based on the Bazi (壩子) System: A Historical Anthropology Perspective on Social Construction between Mountains and Basins in the Zhaozhou Area, Western Yunnan Frontier, Southwest China MA, Jianxiong (HUMA) HK$377,894 2012-2013
Business, Law and Education for Modernity: The Golden Harbor Press in Meiji Japan and the Commercial Press in Modern China SO, Billy K L (HUMA) HK$476,773 2012-2014
Who Is Migrating and Who Are Left Behind? Social Consequences of Labor Migration in Rural China MA, John Z (SOSC) HK$586,084 2012-2013
Rising Labor Demand(s), Employment, and Industrial Upgrading: The Pearl River Delta Firm-Worker Pilot Survey PARK, Albert Francis (SOSC) HK$796,933 2012-2013
Contemporary Changes in the American Occupational Structure WONG, Raymond S K (SOSC) HK$484,605 2012-2013
Differentiating Community and Family Contextual influences on Socioeconomic Attainment and Demographic Behaviour: Shuangcheng, 1855-1911 LEE, James (DHSS) HK$1,260,460 2011-2014
Between Escape and Assimilation: Miao Identity in Southwest China and the Politics of Othering CHEUNG, Siu Woo (HUMA) HK$965,458 2011-2013
War Clouds Over the Southern Sky: Society and Culture in Wartime Canton and the Pearl River Delta, 1937-1945 HO, Virgil K Y (HUMA) HK$1,187,260 2010-2012
The early modern economy at the two ends of Eurasia: A comparative study of the GDP of the Yangzi Delta and the Netherlands in the early nineteenth century LI, Bozhong (HUMA) HK$893,943 2011-2014
The Study of Siege Wars in Sichuan, 1100-1279 LIU, Guanglin (HUMA) HK$445,389 2010-2012
A Semantic Map Approach to Comparative Chinese Dialectal Grammar ZHANG, Min (HUMA) HK$966,000 2010-2013
Chinese Tones, Their Phonetic Properties, Typological Universals and Trajectories of Evolution ZHU, Xiaonong (HUMA) HK$917,056 2009-2012
Public Interest and Institutional Development in the Early Modern State: England (1550-1688), Japan (1700-1890), and China (1700-1890) HE, Wenkai (SOSC) HK$478,260 2011-2014
Partible Inheritance and Landed Wealth: Commercialization, Family Structure, and Distributive Consequences in Late Imperial China KUNG, James K S (SOSC) HK$969,383 2011-2014
The Political Economy of China’s “Great Leap Famine”, 1959-1961, An Intra-provincial Analysis of Excess Mortality Variations KUNG, James K S (SOSC) HK$601,019 2011-2013
Asian Values and Cultural Democralization: A Retest of the Asian Values Thesis SING, Ming (SOSC) HK$496,973 2010-2012
What values do parents prefer in their children? The role of social norms TAM, Kevin K P (SOSC) HK$516,810 2009-2011
Anthropomorphizing nature and pro-environmental behavior TAM, Kevin K P (SOSC) HK$446,972 2011-2014
Social Stratification and Mobility in East Asia: A Comparative Study of China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan WONG, Raymond S K (SOSC) HK$1,027,180 2009-2011
Consequences of Internal and Cross-border Migration in China for Children: A Mainland-Hong Kong Comparison WU, Xiaogang (SOSC) HK$1,150,000 2011-2014
Higher Education, Elite Formation, and Social Stratification in Contemporary China WU, Xiaogang (SOSC) HK$1,205,568 2011-2013
Resource Diplomacy under Hegemony ZWEIG, David Stephen (SOSC) HK$623,392 2010-2013


RGC – Direct Allocation Grant

Project Title Principal Investigator Amount Exercise Year
Legal transplant for modern corporation: Meiji Japan and modern China SO, Billy K L (HUMA) HK$100,000 2012-2014
A supplementary study of logic and language in early China FUNG, Yiu Ming (HUMA) HK$70,000 2011-2012
Creating a modern army: the late Ming military reform under the shadow of financial crisis LI, Bozhong (HUMA) HK$103,300 2010-2011
The Framework of the Bazi-Based Culture System: Multilayer Networks of Ethnic Diversity, Transportation and Political Centers at the Yunnan Frontier in Southwest China MA, Jianxiong (HUMA) HK$100,000 2010-2012
A phonetic study on a unique feature: towards a new understanding on Sinitic languages in Northwestern Fujian ZHU, Xiaonong (HUMA) HK$70,000 2011-2012
Income Inequality, Political Stability, and Development: The implications of country creditworthiness and income inequality on economic growth CHO, Hye Jee (SOSC) HK$100,000 2010-2012
Chinese Statistics HOLZ, Carsten A (SOSC) HK$25,000 2010-2012
Regional competition and the dearth of migrant workers in China MA, John Z (SOSC) HK$40,000 2010-2011
China in Africa’s agricultural development SAUTMAN, Barry V (SOSC) HK$70,000 2011-2012
Tracking knowledge-transfer from universities to society in Hong Kong’s innovation system SHARIF, Naubahar (SOSC) HK$32,000 2010-2011
The impact of special economic zone on regional economy: micro-evidence from China WANG, Jin (SOSC) HK$103,300 2010-2012
Child care and the labor supply of women in China ZHU, Yi (SOSC) HK$106,800 2010-2012


University Grants Council (UGC) – Areas of Excellence

Project Title Principal Investigator Amount Exercise Year
The historical anthropology of Chinese Society LIU Tik Sang (HUMA) TBC 2014-2017


UGC – Research Project Competition

Project Title Principal Investigator Amount Exercise Year
The Political Economy of Eco-innovation in China and Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Transition Management Issues BAARK, Erik (SOSC) HK$354,000 2011-2013
Innovation system and policies for innovative entrepreneurship in Hong Kong SHARIF, Naubahar (SOSC) HK$146,000 2011-2013
The Study of the Long-Term Relationship between Mortality, Climatic Conditions and Air Pollution TU, Jow Ching (SOSC) HK$360,000 2010-2012
Hong Kong Study of Undergraduate Learning (HK SOUL) A Panel Study WONG, Raymond S K (SOSC) HK$360,000 2010-2012
Hong Kong Adolescents and Youth Life Survey. A Pilot Panel Study WU, Xiaogang (SOSC) HK$380,000 2010-2012


CPU – Public Policy Research

Project Title Principal Investigator Amount Exercise Year
Low Carbon Transport Futures in Hong Kong and Shenzhen ZHAO, Jimin (SOSC) HK$784,776 2012-2014
Tracking Knowledge-Transfer from Universities to Society in Hong Kong’s Innovation System SHARIF, Naubahar (SOSC) HK$372,000 2010-2012
Occupational segregation, anti-discrimination policies, & gender inequality in Hong Kong WONG, Raymond S K (SOSC) HK$313,950 2009-2011


National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Project Title Principal Investigator Amount Exercise Year
Multi-generational Demographic and Landholding Date: CMGPD-SC Public Release. 1R01HD070985-01 Demographic and Behavioral Sciences, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development CAMPBELL, Cameron Dougall (HUMA)
Consultant: LEE, James Z. (SOSC)
US$695,082 in direct costs and US$173,533 in indirect costs 2012-2015
The Liaoning Multi-Generational Panel Dataset: Public Release and User Training, Demographic Behavioral Sciences, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development LEE, James Z. (SOSC) US$492,367 in direct costs and US$270,993 in indirect cost 2009-2011
Demographic Responses to Community and Family Context. 1RO1HD045695-01A2, Demographic and Behavioral Sciences, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development LEE, James Z. (SOSC) US$570,000 in direct costs and US$296,875 in indirect cost 2006-2010


Early Career Scheme

Project Title Principal Investigator Amount Exercise Year
Adult Second-language Learners’ Consolidation of Cantonese Tones during Daytime Naps: The Role of Prior Knowledge QIN, Zhen Quentin (HUMA)  HK$580,000 2023-2024
Platform Governance of the Chinese Civic Sector in the Shadow of the State ZHENG, Wenjuan (SOSC) HK$569,580 2023-2024
Whether and When Grievances Become Protests in China: A Big Data Approach ZHANG, Han(SOSC) HK$568,150 2021-2022
From West to East: The Global Journey of Russian Nihilism MA, Xiaolu(HUMA) HK$610,000 2020-2021
Marriage Patterns and National Networks of Chinese Elites in the Qing dynasty ZHANG, Lawrence L C (HUMA) HK$316,000 2017-2018
Contemporary Death Ritual and the Political Economy of Dead Bodies in Rural China LIU, Huwy-min (HUMA) HK$857,400 2016-2017
Oil, Migration, and Ethnic Violence in Xinjiang, China HONG, Ji Yeon (SOSC) HK$234,000 2015-2016
The impact of social group membership on Hong Kong Chinese children’s learning and socializing preferences CHEN, Eva E (SOSC) HK$524,423 2014-2015
The Roles of the Soviet Union and the United States in Animated Filmmaking in Socialist China, 1940s-1970s DU, Daisy Yan (HUMA) HK$558,996 2014-2015
Surviving War, Prisons, Persecution, and Displacement: Prisoners of the Korean War in Postwar Mainland China and Taiwan CHANG, David Cheng (HUMA) HK$659,999 2013-2014
Carrots and Sticks for Teacher Quality: Can Conditional Grant Programs Stop the Braindrain? HAN, Li (SOSC) HK$304,000 2012-2014
The Longer the Better? The Effects of Maternity Leave on Childhood and Later Outcomes in China ZHU, Yi (SOSC) HK$334,432 2013-2015


Prestigious Fellowship Scheme under Humanities and Social Sciences Panel

Project Title Principal Investigator Amount Exercise Year
China's Second Silent Revolution: Comparing China's Top University Students and Top Academic Researchers, 1920-2020 LEE, James Z. (HUMA) HK$813,800  2023-2024
Nothingness, Suffering, and the Unconscious: Buddhism and Nineteenth-Century German Philosophy NELSON, Eric(HUMA) HK$264,000 2021-2022
The Predicament of “the Third Space” in Modern China “第三空間”在現代中國的困境 LIU, Jianmei (HUMA) HK$255,000 2020-2021
Can Reverse Migration Change Insitutions? ZWEIG, David Stephen (SOSC) HK$932,900 2013-2014
The Early Modern Economy at the Two Ends of Eurasia: A Comparative Study of the GDP of the Yangzi Delta and the Netherlands in the Early Nineteenth Century LI, Bozhong (HUMA) HK$302,000 2012-2013
The Hong Kong Panel Study of Social Dynamics (HKPSSD) WU, Xiaogang (SOSC) HK$769,660 2012-2013

Research Grants Council (RGC) – Collaborative Research Fund (Group Research)

Project Title Principal Investigator(s) Amount Exercise Year
Community and Population Aging in Hong Kong: An Extension of the Hong Kong Panel Study of Social Dynamics (HKPSSD) WU, Xiaogang (PM-SOSC, HKUST) WEI, Xiangdong (LU) CHEN, Juan (PolyuU) ZHANG, Zhuoni (CityU) PARK, Albert Francis (SOSC, HKUST) HK$4,939,971 2017-2020