Faculty H.Y.I Visiting Scholar Program

Faculty H.Y.I Visiting Scholar Program

Professor Wenkai HE

  • Division of Social Science
  • 2016-17 Harvard-Yenching Institute and Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Joint Fellow
Harvard-Yenching Institute is a great place to work. The interactions with Harvard faculties are highly stimulating. The library system at Harvard is amazingly good. Cambridge is also a great place to live.

Conclusion: you shall apply! 🙂

Book Project: Public Interest and Institutional Development in the Early Modern State

Professor Jianxiong MA

  • Division of Humanities
  • 2016-17 Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholar
I would like to say that, this program allows me to have an opportunity to exchange with brilliant scholars at Harvard, to have sufficient time to read books, and to write papers.


  • The Forging of Islam, COnfucianism, and the Chinese: Hui Identity and Communal Bond in Southeast China
  • Outlets of Surplus Miners: Identity, Resistances and the Mining Industry on the Yunnan-Burma Borderland from the 17th to 19th Centuries

Professor Shengqing WU

  • Division of Humanities
  • 2016-17 Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholar
With its stimulating and resourceful intellectual environment, the Harvard-Yenching Institute provided an ideal forum in which I could concentrate on writing my book. My research has been fundamentally enriched by the Institute’s commitment to promoting interdisciplinary research, the close interaction among Asian scholars, and the rich intellectual and cultural environment provided by the Harvard community. It offers a fantastic program, the world’s best library. And not to mention, a memorable ski trip!

Book Project: The Topography of Desire: The Quotation and Circulation of Gendered Images in Late Qing China

Professor Daisy Yan DU

  • Division of Humanities
  • 2017-18 Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholar
This is a nurturing environment for junior faculty!

Book Project: Suspended Animation: The (In)Animate Encounters in History of Chinese Animation

Professor Yuk Man Carine Yiu

  • Division of Humanities
  • 2018-19 Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholar
Couldn’t be better!

Book Project: Word Order and Word Order Changes in the History of Chinese Dialects