Welcome to HKUST

The School of Humanities and Social Science prepares front-runners of tomorrow in business, government, education and engineering, and trains humanists and social scientists to work inside and outside academia. The School provides our students with skills in social and cultural analysis and communications. The School’s interdisciplinary China-focus, in a free academic environment, has created research and educational outcomes unique in Greater China and the world. The School’s wide range of faculty expertise and boundary-free curriculum enables students to acquire broad-based knowledge derived from diverse human civilizations; globally-derived skills of research, writing, and critique; and an awareness of civic duty and social responsibility. Our faculty members’ high quality research on China adds depth, as well as analytical and methodological rigor to students’ understanding of the world they live in. Through unrestricted discussion of issues of intellectual and social significance, our students come to think independently, guard against the pitfall of binary views and arrive at solutions to problems of society and culture.

Join us to gain empirically-grounded and integrated knowledge of China, Hong Kong, and other Chinese societies in the modern world. We welcome applications from students of diverse educational backgrounds, and you will also contribute to international culture on our campus.