SHSS Creative Arts Education

HKUST and SHSS has launched an innovative approach to creative arts education based on the principle of Research Embedded Teaching:


  • Teachers are active practitioners who teach a curriculum based on their own ‘research,’ that is creativity rather than criticism.
  • Students are taught to understand the arts from the perspective of creators and producers rather than consumers and critics.

The School offers a variety of music and creative writing courses via the Division of Humanities led by distinguished artists in which students learn the value of creativity and collaboration and its applications in the other fields of study.


Courses currently offered

HUMA1100: Music of the World
HUMA1102: Enjoyment of Classical Music
HUMA2103: Introduction to Music Composition
HUMA2104: Music Theory I
HUMA2105: Music, Drama, and Theatre
HUMA2106: A New Approach to Music Making
HUMA3101: Western, Opera, and Literature
HUMA3102: Making Chamber Music A
HUMA3103: Making Chamber Music B
HUMA3105: Making Choral Music

Creative Writing
HUMA2240: Masterpieces of Chinese Literature
HUMA2260: Contemporary Chinese Fiction
HUMA2320: Chinese Drama
HUMA3202: Chinese Creative Writing
HUMA4220: Visual and Verbal Representation of China

HUMA3000C: Entering the World of Art Films, Independent Films, Documentary Films
HUMA3250: Independent Cinema in Contemporary China