Division of Humanities

The Division of Humanities currently houses over 28 faculty members in a wide range of fields, including literature, linguistics, art, history and anthropology, and philosophy and religion. In line with the University’s aim to produce specialists who will not only excel in their technical expertise but also be equipped with a broad outlook on life and the world, the Division offers a diverse range of courses for undergraduates in science, engineering and business and management. Before the new undergraduate major program, Global China Studies: Humanities and Social Science, is launched in 2011, a minor program is available for those who wish to pursue further and more intensive training in Humanities. At the postgraduate level, the curriculum is focused and integrated, with a special emphasis on China in the broader, cultural sense that includes Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the Chinese Mainland and the Chinese diaspora.

Moreover, the Humanities program is interdisciplinary and comparative in orientation. China is approached not only as a region but also in a global context (e.g. in relation to Asia and the West). It is also noteworthy that the Humanities Division is not subdivided into traditional departments. Instead, it emphasizes dialogue among the various disciplines within the division.