Teaching Mission Statement


As teachers in the School of Humanities and Social Science, HKUST, we are obligated to teach HKUST’s UG and PG students. Each individual student is unique, and they should be given the freedom to think, to discover knowledge, and to find their own paths. Their ideas, opinions, suggestions and criticisms should be taken into consideration, and they should be treated fairly. Our passion keeps students interested, inspired and enthusiastic. Students should be exposed to organized information for understanding human cultures and diversities, be able to see a problem from multiple perspectives, and be prepared for the future world and to become responsible citizens of the local, national and global communities. Teaching is a scholarly and professional activity of facilitating learning. A productive culture of teaching, developed from our commitment to teaching, will help us to grow personally and professionally.


All faculty members in the School of Humanities and Social Science, in an area of research specialty or expertise, contribute substantively to the understanding of human cultures and diversities. Our active pursue in research and scholarship expands the frontiers of knowledge in various areas of expertise and provides a platform for interdisciplinary research in selected areas with the capacity and potential for international recognition. Our research not only enriches classroom teaching, but is also being integrated into education: students are exposed to challenges in human societies by getting involved in actual research works. We are serious about the impact of our research on human societies. We believe that our research results or products should be made public to inform future research and practices.


As members of HKUST, we have the obligation to lead and to facilitate the operation of teaching and research at the Division, School, and University levels. Our contributions are not only limited to committee work, but also to the care and enrichment of students’ lives. Being in academia, we should actively participate in professional associations and learned societies to promote academic excellence and exchanges, and to make professional contributions to society. Working in one of the public funded universities in Hong Kong, with local and regional relevance, we have the prior obligation to serve the Hong Kong community as well as the Chinese society, in public, institutional, or communal organizations. We contribute our expertise to promoting the understanding of human cultures and diversities, to reduce social inequality, and ultimately to the advancement of human societies.


An outstanding university is maintained by enthusiastic students, a committed faculty, an effective administration and the recognition of the society. Teaching, research and service are the foundation of university education, which is provided by the faculty. In this globalization era, we have to respond to local and global challenges coming from all directions. Teaching, research, and service should be integrated innovatively to confront these ever-changing challenges. Faculty should enhance their teaching, research, and service spontaneously for the students, university and society, and for their own professional and personal growth. At HKUST, faculty members may be given special responsibilities in teaching, research, or service. These duties should be taken seriously and with equal importance. Committed scholars are indispensable in a successful university. Their total contributions should be reviewed in a holistic manner and be recognized in their merit and promotion reviews.