Grammar: a Linguists' Guide for Language Teachers
Melinda Whong
Year of Publication

Traditionally, there has been a disconnect between theoretical linguistics and pedagogical teacher training. This book seeks to bridge that gap. Using engaging examples from a wide variety of languages, it provides an innovative overview of linguistic theory and language acquisition research for readers with a background in education and teacher training, and without specialist knowledge of the field. The authors draw on a range of research to ground ideas about grammar pedagogy, presenting the notion of Virtual Grammar as an accessible label for unifying the complexity of linguistics. Organised thematically, the book includes helpful 'Case in point' examples throughout the text, to illustrate specific grammar points, and step-by-step training in linguistic methods, such as how to analyse examples, which educators can apply to their own teaching contexts. Through enriching language teachers' understanding of linguistic features, the book fosters a different perspective on grammar for educators.

  • Introduces linguistic theory and language acquisition with an eye to educational applications, making research accessible to readers without specialist knowledge of the field
  • Uses examples from wide range of languages, developing the expertise of language teachers about languages beyond the one(s) that they know/teach
  • Provides accessible step-by-step linguistic training, offering a data-based approach that readers will be able to apply to their own teaching contexts