Nexus: Belonging Research Network Belonging in Troubling Times: Hong Kong as a Diverse Home for Hopes (Thursday 26 May 2022)
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Meeting ID - 936 7665 9245 | Passcode - 20220526

Our upcoming event will describe a research journey led by Jan Gube & Aaron Chan from EdUHK that explored young people’s perception of belonging, which coincided with the social unrest in 2019. Against this backdrop, we will then highlight what it was like to belong to Hong Kong and how this was seen differently across cultural groups. The event will end with an open conversation about the prospect and challenges of promoting multicultural belonging in this city.  


All are welcome!  




Nexus: The Belonging Research Network is a forum for discussion of research and practice on what it is to belong in Hong Kong. Convened by James Simpson (Division of Humanities, HKUST) it brings together: NGO support organizations; the people they support; policy activists in social inclusion; arts and cultural bodies; academics; students; and other friends and supporters.  




Jan Gube is Assistant Professor at The Education University of Hong Kong. He is passionate about how engaging with diversity, race and ethnic issues contribute to the shaping of cultural identities and provision of equitable education.  


Aaron Chan comes from a Sociology background, now works in data analysis and market research.


Nexus: Belonging Research Network

Meeting ID - 936 7665 9245 | Passcode - 20220526