Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

Course Pilot Project

As part of the alignment practices of the OBE initiatives, the University expects program-level ILOs to be embedded at least partially at the course-level, so that instructors across the University will be able to articulate their course-level ILOs by aligning them with learning and assessment activities. To guarantee a smooth scale-up, the University Outcomes-Based Education Steering Group overseen by VPAA has introduced the OBE Course Pilot Project to both course instructors and Curriculum Committees in November 2008. The intention of this project is to engage interested faculty/instructors each semester starting from Spring 2009. The course pilot volunteers should spell out their course ILOs in syllabi, and voluntarily experiment with a variety of approaches to OBTL and assessment practices. By piloting the course adjustments, the course pilot volunteers are expected to share their experience with other colleagues and boost the general effort to implement OBE at HKUST.

From the Spring 2009 Semester to the Spring 2010 Semester, 37 faculty/instructors, almost 70 per cent of the entire HSS faculty/instructors, have participated in the OBE Course Pilot Project. The 37 courses include 20 undergraduate elective courses at 00-100 level, nine courses at 200 level, five courses at 300 level and above, and one postgraduate course.