Q1) When will the application open?

  • The SHSS office call for application typically opens in Apr / May every year. Interested parties should all required application materials to SHSS office by the deadline in July. 


Q2) What the nomination and application process is like?

  1. Applicants seek prior approval from Division Head 

  2. Applicants submit application materials for internal selection and nomination

  3. SHSS office issues the institution nomination form on behalf of Dean

  4. Harvard-Yenching Institute (HYI) confirms acceptance of nomination

  5. Candidates create online account and completes the HYI application by 15 Sep

  6. SHSS office receives and uploads reference letters at the HYI Reference Portal


Q3) What I should prepare to obtain the prior approval internally?

  • SHSS applicants should prepare a plan on how you are going to fulfill HKUST duties while taking this visitorship, and type(s) of leave (no-pay leave, sabbatical leave, and/or personal leave) you are going to take (Please consult with HRO beforehand).

  • According to HKUST Academic Personnel Policy, you need to seek approvals from the Division Head, Dean and Provost for your potential concurrent appointment with HYI. Please complete your application form for submission to your division's processingKindly submit it to the Division Head for the first level endorsement prior to accepting the appointment (Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholar) from Harvard University.

  • Note this prior approval must be obtained BEFORE you are nominated by the School to go ahead for the HYI application. Late applications after accepting the HYI offer may not be accepted.


Q4) Am I eligible?


  • HKUST:

    1. SHSS applicants need to obtain approval on a plan for how they will fulfill any HKUST duties while away. Final authority for approval of No-Pay Leave rests with the Provost.


  • HYI:
  1. Applicants must have at least three years of teaching and research experience as full-time faculty member at their home institutions (counted from the August 1 start date of the HYI fellowship)

  2. Scholars who received their PhD from an institution outside of Asia in the past five years (counted from the start date of the HYI fellowship) are not eligible

  3. Previous recipients of a Visiting Scholars fellowship from HYI are not eligible to reapply for the same program 

  4. Former HYI Doctoral Scholarship recipients, HYI Visiting Fellow recipients, and HYI training program fellowship recipients are eligible to apply

  5. No nationality restriction


Q5) When can I know the result of the nomination?

  • SHSS candidates for the HYI Visiting Scholars Program will be recommended to HYI by Dean of HSS no later than mid-August.


Q6) What are the requirements for the recommendation letters?

  • Your referees should send their letters, a PDF, a word document, or a hardcopy, to the SHSS. Referees need to include completed personal and contact information, i.e. title, full name, department, institution, email and telephone.

  • Three recommendation letters will be needed. 


Q7) What housing options are available during your HYI residency?

  • Visiting Scholars are required to locate their own housing. Harvard does have a housing office, but many scholars find they are able to locate housing using locate agencies. If you wish to apply for Harvard housing, you may do so. The Harvard Housing website is: http://www.huhousing.harvard.edu/ Please make sure to use a copy of your signed agreement to verify your full-time appointment with a HUID, as required by the Housing Office. Harvard also provides a website to help you locate off-campus housing. That web site is: https://www.harvardhousingoffcampus.com/


  • Temporary Housing service: under special circumstances, if you have not secured an apartment prior to your arrival or you need accommodation for a night or two prior to moving into your apartment, the HYI provides temporary housing at a local Bed and Breakfast hotel just 2 blocks away from the Institute. Since hotel availability is limited in late summer, you must email the HYI staff as soon as possible with your request for temporary accommodations. If you come with your family, please include their names and ages.


Q8) When should I arrive for the program?

  • The formal start date of the program is August 1. Applicants receives a stipend for the month of August. Most scholars arrive in mid-to-late August. The first event is the orientation, held in late August. Applicants will receive the stipend check for August no matter when they arrive that month.

  • In general, scholars should plan to arrive in mid-to-late August. Although a few do come earlier, at the beginning of August, it is not mandatory.


Q9) Can I terminate the program earlier?

  • Early termination will normally not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances.