Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

UG Exchange


I absolutely loved Hong Kong, the spirit and the dynamism of the city. This is a picture of me at the peak, and I admired your city and its culture so much I hope to be able to come back soon. HKUST is also an amazing environment to learn, to progress and to meet students from around the world.

Oshane I Marianne Madeleine BOURTHOUMIEUX
(Sciences Po)



More than just living in Hong Kong, I was thrilled to have the chance to study in the Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology. First, its location and campus makes it ideal. Away from the city center, you can enjoy some space and fresh air there – a luxury in Hong Kong!

(Sciences Po)



Although HKUST, is quite far away from the city centre, the first weeks are entirely dedicated to walking around Hong Kong in the heat and lack of oxygen. The university campus’ location is perfect to discover the New Territories, stretches of long empty beaches and luxurious jungle to hike and to swim in the sea’s hot water.

Lina Louisa SKOGLUND
(Sciences Po)





The 5 months in the Netherlands has been a very rewarding experience for me. Academically, studying in a liberal arts environment in Europe has allowed me to view and think of global issues in a different perspective. I am especially impressed by the atmosphere of active discussion and sharing of different opinions in the Dutch classroom. Throughout the exchange I found myself being more able to express my own opinion and share my ideas in an academic setting.

Ho Ching LAW
@ Leiden University College the Hague



The learning style in the EUR is highly interactive and fun, you will have chances to discuss in most of the lectures and every single tutorials (working lectures as they named it). Other than the classrooms for tutorials, the arrangement of seating in many of the lectures room are also “square-like”, meaning that you will be either facing the tutor or facing another group of students, making it a perfect setting for doing in-class discussion.

Hiu Kwan LAU
@ Erasmus University of Rotterdam



To best describe my exchange experience, I would definitely say it has been the craziest period of my life so far. Before going on exchange, I was a quite quiet girl who was a bit afraid of trying new things even although I had lots of crazy ideas in my mind. Being told to get out of my comfort zone, I aimed at making friends with English-speaking people only and trying stuff that I have never tried.

@ York University





PG Exchange


During this turbulent but exciting semester, we have learned a lot culturally, politically, also academically and humanly. The semester in Hong Kong was an enrichment for me.

(Exchange-in Student, MA and LLB, Bayreuth University)



I think Hong Kong is a fantastic city to study with the nature, the city and a culture. My classes here are demanding and interesting and my professors very talented in engaging the students, which I like a lot. I like using my time swimming, hikes in the beautiful surroundings and exploring new places.

Anna Cecilie Friis Bach
(Exchange-in Student, MSc from University of Copenhagen)



Being a visiting postgraduate student in Social Science at HKUST has been transformative. I have met people from all over the world! In addition, I have really enjoyed attending the Division of Social Science seminars and talking with faculty members about their research.

Samuel Ronfard
(Visiting Researcher, PhD from Harvard University)



Magnificent views, byzantine academic building, colorful and diverse culture, innovative ways of teaching and research, this is HKUST where I feel inspired, encouraged and grateful.

Zhang Chunman
(Visiting Researcher, PhD from Johns Hopkins University)





Xiamen University provided me a fertile space to learn. Considered as the garden city of China, the beautiful campus gave me the opportunity to reflect on various ideas which was helpful for me since I needed to submit my dissertation prospectus after my exchange program. I was also fortunate to mingle with local students who are genuinely kind and generous in many ways—indeed, I have experienced an exceptional Chinese hospitality.

Mark Cabural

@ Xiamen University 



During this exchange journey, I found those diverse aspects: not only did I gain insights into cultural diversity and engage in academic discussions from various regions/perspectives, but the most precious part was the opportunity to meet people from different countries and establish deep connections with them. This experience has broadened my perspective beyond what I had known before, opening up new possibilities for my career on a global scale. 

Yijun LI 

@ University of Copenhagen



Focusing on the smart city, the ASPIRE forum in NTU arranged a series of lectures and visits. The visit to google was a fascinating experience, which allowed me to see how different physical environment it was between internet companies and traditional ones.
I am grateful to have the opportunity to interact with people from different academic backgrounds and countries. Our presentation synthesized different fields of knowledge. Overall, it was a precious experience with intellectual gains and friendship.

Xueying LI

@ National Taiwan University