Program Details


Program Requirements

MA students must take eight courses (24 credits) and obtain a graduation grade average (GGA) of 2.850 or above as required of all postgraduate students at the University. Of the eight courses, students are required to take two compulsory foundation courses (6 credits), two required courses (6 credits) from a list of choices, and four elective courses (12 credits).

    1. Foundation Courses


      HMMA 5001 Fundamentals of Chinese Culture [C]
      LANG 5072(1) English Academic Writing on Chinese Culture

      [C] = The course may require students to read materials in Chinese.

      (1) Exemption may be granted with prior approval of the Academic Director (normally with IELTS score of 8.0 or above, or equivalent, and successfully passed an English written test on Chinese culture). Students given exemption should take one more elective course to fulfill the graduation requirement of 24 credits.

    2. Required Courses


      HMMA 5002(2) Chinese Phonetics and Phonology [Pu] [C]
      HMMA 5003(3) Chinese Literary History [C]
      or HMMA 5009(4) History and Theory of Comparative Literature [C]
      HMMA 5005 Modern Chinese History [C]
      HMMA 5006(5) Anthropological Studies of China [C]
      HMMA 5007(6) Fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy [Pu] [C]
      HMMA 5008(7) Languages of China: Anthropological and Cognitive Dimensions [Pu] [C]

      Not all required courses are offered every year. Students are advised to take two required courses in Fall Term.

      [C] = The course may require students to read materials in Chinese.

      [Pu] = The course is taught in Putonghua.

      (2) HMMA 5002 can be substituted by HUMA5160.

      (3) HMMA 5003 can be substituted by HUMA5300.

      (4) HMMA 5009 can be substituted by HUMA5360.

      (5) HMMA 5006 can be substituted by HUMA5700.

      (6) HMMA 5007 can be substituted by HUMA5800.

      (7) HMMA 5008 can be substituted by HUMA5230.

    3. Elective Courses


      Students can choose from a list of China-related elective courses offered each year by the Division of Humanities (HUMA). Surplus required course credits can be counted toward the elective requirement.


       Out of the 6 required and elective courses (18 credits):
  • One must be taught in English, but Chinese reading materials may be used. Subject to the approval of Academic Director, students can take a non-HUMA course to fulfill this requirement.
  • One may be a non-China-related course, subject to the approval of the Academic Director.


Program Duration

The MA program can normally be completed in 12 months in a full-time mode, or 24 months in a part-time mode. Full-time students are required to take a minimum of 9 credits of coursework each regular term, whereas part-time students are required to take a minimum of 3 credits each regular term. With the approval of the Academic Director, a student may take study leave for no more than one regular term.


Academic Advising

Upon entering the program, students’ progress will be monitored by the Academic Director of the Program.



Students in this program will need to make their own accommodation arrangements during the period of study at HKUST.  The Off-Campus Housing Section (OCHS) of Student Housing and Residential Life (SHRL) Office provides information about off-campus accommodation.  For details, please click here.


Division of Humanities

For details about the Division, please click here.