Faculty & Teaching Team

Faculty & Teaching Team

TESL Concentration

Instructor Research Interest(s)
Dr. Roy Chan Hong Kong English, Code-switching, Washback, Phonetics and Pronunciation Teaching
Dr. Amy Chi Teaching English for Academic Purposes, Pedagogical Lexicography
Dr. Nora Hussin Technology-enhanced language learning, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Observations of teaching, Discourse analysis, Sociocultural theory
Dr. Yilmaz Koylu Second language acquisition, Applied linguistics, Teaching English as a second or foreign language
Dr. Benjamin Leung Corporate and public communication, Assessment and testing, Independent language learning, Intercultural communication, Interdisciplinary humour studies
Dr. Polung Li Teacher training, English language materials writing, Curriculum and syllabus development, Course and curriculum evaluation, Course design
Prof. James Simpson Language and intercultural communication, Teaching English as a second or foreign language, Applied English linguistics, Travel / Migration / Diaspora, Creativity in language education
Prof. Melinda Whong Second language acquisition, English for academic and specific purposes, Second language teaching and learning
Dr. Grace Wong Writing feedback
Dr. KY Wu English for academic and specific purposes, Corpus-based methods, English language materials writing , Genre analysis


TCSL Concentration

Instructor Research Interest(s)
Dr. Stanley Ho Cantonese studies, Chinese languages and writing, Language contact and acquisition, Phonology and dialectology, Sociolinguistics
Dr. Sheila Liang Chinese curriculum design and Chinese pedagogy, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Teacher development, School improvement
Dr. Cathy Pan Teaching English as a second or foreign language, Applied English linguistics, Speech acts and linguistic politeness, Language and intercultural communication, Intercultural pragmatics
Prof. Quentin Qin Chinese linguistics, Phonetics, Second language acquisition, Psycholinguistics
Prof. Jingtao Sun Chinese historical grammar, Chinese cultural history, Chinese dialectology, Chinese historical phonology, Chinese linguistics
Prof. Benjamin Tsou Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Historical Linguistics
Prof. Carine Yiu Cantonese Dialect, Chinese Dialectology, Chinese historical grammar, Syntax, Semantics
Prof. Min Zhang Chinese dialectology, Chinese linguistics, Chinese historical grammar, Syntax, Cognitive grammar of Chinese
Prof. Xiaonong Zhu Historical Phonology, Dialectology, Experimental Phonetics, Evolutionary Phonology

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