Minor in Psychological and Behavioral Science


Any undergraduate students who have completed at least two regular terms of study with a CGA of 2.3 or above may enroll in the minor program. They must declare their intention to enroll in the program during the application period conducted in January and August every year no later than the commencement of their final year of study. Students who wish to withdraw from the minor program should apply before the last day of the add/drop period in the first regular term of their final year of study.

To graduate with a minor in Psychological and Behavioral Science (PBS), the students must have enrolled in the minor program and completed a minimum total of 18 credits and all of its requirements, as well as all the requirements of their major program of study. They are also required to attain an average grade point of at least 1.7 in courses taken within the minor program.

A maximum total of 6 credits completed successfully outside HKUST can be transferred to the minor program.

Out of the total credits required by the minor program, at least 9 credits should be single-counted within the minor and are not used to fulfill any other requirements for graduation except the 120-credit degree requirement.

Courses used to fulfill the requirements of other minor programs offered by the School of Humanities and Social Science or the School of Business and Management cannot be used to count toward the minor program.

Students may use no more than 6 credits earned from courses offered in pure online delivery mode to satisfy the graduation requirements of a degree program. This 6-credit limit does not apply to credits obtained through the credit transfer procedures of the University.