Program Features
  • An interdisciplinary curriculum

    Students will take courses in humanities and social sciences to develop broad-based knowledge of China with a global perspective, complemented by methodology courses that equip majors with the necessary tools for conducting research.

  • Balance between structure and flexibility

    While the required and restricted elective courses allow students to explore social and cultural issues from different perspectives, GCS majors can deepen their inquiry through a focused track of study:

    Students are also able to use free elective credits for declaring a minor (e.g. in Business; Psychological and Behavioral Science; and Sustainability).

  • Inquiry-driven pedagogy

    To demonstrate the knowledge and research skills that they have acquired, in their final year majors are required to complete a capstone project or an honors thesis under the guidance of a faculty member. Past projects cover a wide variety of topics including Cantonese opera, self-censorship, social media, gender stereotypes, foreign domestic helpers, special education needs, dating apps, slangs, generation gaps, Zhuzism, identity politics, etc.
    Students will also have opportunities to work with faculty members on research projects in areas relating to heritage, paintings, educated elites, human emotion, social media, investment in Africa, internet finance, etc.

  • Solid language training

    Apart from the language courses required by the University’s common core education, GCS majors receive more advanced training in both English and Chinese to enhance their oral and written communication skills.

  • Co-curricular learning experiences

    Students can enrich their learning experience through different co-curricular programs.

    Career building workshops

    A variety of workshops, which cover interviewing skills, CV preparation, etc., are designed to prepare students for their job-hunting journeys.

    Exchange programs

    In addition to the University’s exchange partners, our School has its own partners from Europe, America, Asia, China and the Middle East, which enable students to study abroad for different durations to accommodate their schedules (two weeks to one semester).

    Internship programs

    Our School partners with organizations several sectors, including culture, social enterprise, media and publishing, public service, real estate, etc., to provide students with opportunities to gain real-life work experiences.