A Concentration defines a focus of study within the Global China Studies major, which consists of:

  1. Capstone project, and
  2. 5 courses which are listed in the “Concentration Course List” (in which two courses must be in upper-level).

Both capstone project and 5 courses must be in ONE specific area. The seven specific areas are: (1) Applied Economics; (2) Environment & Technology; (3) Heritage & Cultural Sustainability; (4) History; (5) Language & Literature; (6) Sociology; (7) Politics.

Concentration Course Lists


The Program Services and Advising Office will normally call for application in mid-July. Students should indicate the concentration in the application form, as well as the relevant courses taken. On request, the School will issue a one-off “School Reference Letter” confirming the Concentration studied.




  1. Courses which are used to count towards Concentration CANNOT be used to fulfill:
    1. School Requirements;
    2. Major Program Requirements;
    3. University Common Core Requirements;
    4. Minor Program Requirements.
  2. Normally, the Research Option should be in the same area as the concentration.