The series of courses on anthropology and Chinese society left a deep impression on me, enabling me to have a deeper and comprehensive understanding of Chinese society and its structure and laws. The courses on quantitative research are also interesting.



TingTing Ye, MGCS 2019 (Customer Director, Visual China Group)

It gives me an opportunity to have deep understanding in China from an offshore perspective.

Also, MGCS program is actively engaged in helping me progress and grow with the program, providing resources, training and advice whenever I need it. MGCS help me become more confident in my career.



Zhong Yu, MGCS 2017 (Associate, BlackRock Shanghai)

I appreciate the time when in the MGCS program. One of the most valuable thing I learned from the program was the way to think analytically and rationally. This way of thinking is especially crucial either in workplace or when we facing the social circumstances.



Shanna Xu, MGCS 2018 (Business Analyst, Meituan Beijing)

Comprehensive dive into the Chinese society. I appreciate all the efforts that had been made throughout the program, and it has been a great journey to explore!



Chunyu Liu, MGCS 2021 (International Management Trainee, Kraft Heinz Shanghai)

The great faculty team, and high quality courses that prepared me for my PhD application.



Siru Chen, MGCS 2018 (PhD in Political Sciences, University of Toronto)

I think the most valuable thing I learned that is a global perspective to see China from multiple well-designed courses and awesome professors. I also value friendships developed in the program with classmates, staff and faculty. I keep benefiting from their help years after graduation.



Yapeng Wang, MGCS 2015 (PhD in Sociology, University of Virginia)

Awardee, Best Student Paper Award, International Chinese Sociological Association, 2021

The year I spend at HKUST is definitely the most regretless year in the past of my life. I’m currently Ph.D. student majoring in Economics at USC. Personally, MGCS is like a ladder assisting me reach my goal. With broadness of course topics, you are not only able to intensively equip yourself with important knowledge, but also get a chance to find where your true passion is. With distinctive professors who care about improvement of students sincerely, you can see a rapid upgrade of ability in fields you put effort in. With high reputation of both the university and the department, you will find you are exposed to a new world full of opportunities. My suggestion is: fully utilize resources that MGCS brings to you, and finally you will make an achievement even beyond your best expectation.



DENG Weiran MGCS 2014 (PhD in Economics, University of Southern California; Economist, Amazon)


We are proud of our Alumni! We want to tell your stories and celebrate your successes. So many of our Alumni stand out either for their professional accomplishments, contributions to their communities for being dedicated and enthusiastic ambassadors for the program. Please update our team at to share your latest stories and awards earned.