Program Fee

The total program fee for 2023-24 is HK$140,000 (HK$17,500 for each additional 3-credit course), and HK$210,000 for Academic Research Concentration (optional 2nd year program). Students will have to pay additional fees on a pro rata basis to repeat a failed course.

The total program fee is payable in one non-refundable deposit plus two or three non-refundable installments:



Deposit (due with the issuance of admission letter):

AY 2023 - 2024


AY 2024 - 2025

To be updated

1st installment (due in September): HK$35,000 To be updated
2nd installment (due in February): HK$70,000 To be updated
3rd installment (due in September the following year):
For students opt for Academic Research Concentration only
HK$70,000 To be updated